Welcome Sam V!

Hey Curlfriends!  After a really successful run and wrangling of Court, Anna, and Cherry Mae’s show The Love Show at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, we knew we just had to invite our talented and organized stage manager, Sam, into the Dirty Curl fold.  

Isn’t she the adorablest???  You can read all about her here and see her in our show on Oct. 21 at Cause!  She is our new back-up singer, percussionist, and hopefully will be strumming some six-strings too.

We are so happy to have her as part of our patch of Dirty Curls.  Welcome, Sam V!!


Look out girls… The Curls are here!!


Look out girls... The Curls are here!!

A video still from our video “I Would Go Gay For You”

I Would Go Gay For You – Music Video!


A brand new video for our hit “I Would Go Gay For You” from the geniuses at Pommelhorse.