FEARLESS? If you call wearing a merkin in public “fearless,” then, yeah.

Curlfriends!  How goes it?  So, you may have noticed a new lil’ addition to our site: the dude with the blindfold right there to the left of this post (well, just on the home page, apparently).  That button there means we’re now partners with Fearless Comedy Productions, a brand-new Twin-Cities-based arts nonprofit.

Why?  Well, Fearless’ mission is all about bringing comedy to the stage that ain’t skeered, ya know?  Not just cringe humor, but artful, intelligent comedy… or not… that pushes the envelope, makes you feel uncomfortable, makes you blush, and makes you laugh.  Sounds a lot like what The Dirty Curls do!

We’re really excited for this new collaboration.  We’ll be playing the Fearless Comedy Productions fundraiser on Jan. 12 at Amsterdam Bar & Hall and we’d love to see you there.  More details soon!  But mostly, we’re excited to work with other artists and lovers of comedy to bring more of the public new perspectives on life through laughter.

And damn, are we in good company.  Partnered already with Fearless is the atheist podcast “Geeks Without God,” the podcast-about-everything “Apropos Of Nothing,” the funniest blog in Minnesota or on the Internet, “Young Notions,” and the Renaissance Fest-Famous stage ruffians, insult-comedy mega-group Vilification Tennis. That’s quite a dream team, especially if you’re a nerd in the Twin Cities metro area.

So, anyway, that’s the dude in the blindfold.  Get it, he’s FEARLESS!  Keep your eyes here for announcements about collaborations with Fearless & The Curls!  We’re chomping at the bit.


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