Veldie Tells It All.

You guys. Remember a few months back when we introduced our new guitarist and singer Veldie?  Welp, she’s gonna be up in this here internet joint (that’s our website, the thing you’re reading right now) writin’ some posts for your entertainment, bemusement, and otherwise pleasurable -ments.   You can watch her sexy mouth move in the video on our Sing-A-Long page, but keep reading for a nugget of wisdom you won’t soon forget.

So, with no further adieu, Veldiez Velderstofferson:

Not to be a let down everyone, but words are hard to come by when I’m sober. Don’t worry! The holiday season is right around the corner. And with it comes a party. In my brain.

There you have it, people.  Brevity is the soul of wit.

Stay tuned for much more of this and lesser brilliance.


Veldie doesn’t want you to see her right now, even though you can here and here.


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