All Gratitude, All the Time.

It’s Thanksgiving morning, y’all, and I, Courtney McClean, am up quite early for a holiday with no presents under a tree.  It’s a beautiful fall morning here in Minnesota; I’m now outside in the backyard typing this up in my pjs.  Don’t you wish you had a picture.

I personally have a lot to be grateful for this year, especially around this band.  Ever since Ray Ray and Anna Dubs joined me just under a year after the old incarnation of the Curls broke up, things have been gliding upwards into the heavens.  Being surrounded by the talent of those two, and then Anna Pop and Cherry Mae, and now Veldie… it’s magical.  I love all these ladies so much.  Their contributions to this project are invaluable and immeasurable and I am forever indebted to all of them.  Thank you so much, Curls.

A big thank you to our guests too – Charlie, who filled in on guitar for a couple shows on the summer, who was so young and sweet and picked everything up really quickly, thank you.

To Kevin, our guest bassist who will be making more appearances come the new year, your talent, ingenuity, and low notes give us a strong backbone when you join us.  Thank you!

To Marne & Nicole, who’s sweet harmonies and musicality helped launch this thing into gorgeous bluegrass outer space.

Thank you to my other ex-bandmates… without that experience, I would not know what I need in a band and the kind of people I want to work with.  It’s all invaluable lessons every time you pop up in my life.  I am grateful for that time because it has helped to make this band what it is today.

And finally, thank you so much to all our friends and fans who come to the shows, read our posts, listen to our music, watch our videos, comment and share our stuff with others; thank you for helping to spread the gospel and laughing and singing along at our shows.  You seriously make this ridiculously amazing thing even more amazing.

2013 is going to hold some incredible stuff for all of us, Curls and Curlfriends!  We will be releasing a new album in the spring. Our January residency at Amsterdam Bar & Hall is going to be off the hook.    We’re touring with Valley Meadows for a few days at the end of December, so hopefully that means we’ll garner Curlfriends in nearby states and can really get the ball rolling on our “low-level national fame,” which is my immediate goal for this group.  Well, after just making y’all laugh first.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Make it a great day with friends and/or family.  Remember that no matter what hardships you’re going through, there is always the other side which you will come out on if you keep your eyes on the prize.  I have.  And this other side is simply spectacular.  Much love to you all.


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