The Love Show! EP is HERE!

You GUYS.  I love calling you “you guys,” even if you’re not technically “guys.”  But “guys” means “people” now, not just men.  What?  I digress.




okay, I will stop yelling now.  But, for a lot of you, this is brand new Dirty Curls music.  For a lot of you in the Twin Cities… well, the 666 of you that saw the show (I KNOW!  Six Hundred and Sixty Six people came to see “The Love Show!” It couldn’t be more perfect, honestly), for a lot of you, I am sure the wait has been AGONIZING!

For those fans outside the Twin Cities that may have not either been paying attention during August or whatever the case, lemme give you a little backstory:

The Curls applied for the Minnesota Fringe Festival, our lil’ annual performing arts festival here in the Twin Cities, and decided to do a show about love that would be suitable for younger people.  We probably only hit the PG-13 and above crowds, but the show was a lot more Fringe-friendly than we anticipated: we got the Audience Choice performance – the highest-selling show in each venue gets a bonus 6th show – and we stayed at a glorious 5-star (out of 5) average throughout the fest AND we landed as the 7th-highest reviewed show of the festival (“TBD” doesn’t count – it’s a fake show).  It was easily my most successful Fringe show… just read what people were saying!

“Everyone should see this show because the more people who see it, the better the world will be. I went in full of piss and vinegar and walked out full of joy and love – wanting to sing to my cat while growing out my pubic hair.” – Twin Cities actor extraordinaire, John Middleton.

“An incredible concept executed with grace and honesty. These ladies are onto something with tremendous potential. They need an agent and a record contract. Now. Men and women alike will want to be balls deep in dirty curls by the end of the show. See ’em now before they hit the big time!” – Audience review

“Rarely do I laugh this hard, for this long. A wonderfully crafted show, with high energy and enough quirk for weeks. It started strong and delivered on the promise. A banjo, guitar and ukelele: that’s love!! I may have peed myself (just a little) during the baby rap. So worth it!” – Audience Review

Whatever.  Just start listening to the EP.  You will love it, we know it.  And if you were one of the 666 people that got to see the show, THANK YOU!

Share this with your friends!  It certainly is yours for the taking – FREE – if you want it.  If you feel like giving us a little dough, that’s okay too.  We *are* going on tour at the end of December and could use some funds for that, but there is no obligation whatsoever!!  I sound like Sally Struthers or some shit.  Just download it already.


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