Metaphysical Vagina!: Lida Husik

You might be wondering where we get our ideas for songs.  You may not care. “Just make it funny and sexy, Curls!”  Well, doy.  But for those of you with cat-like curiosity, please follow me into the dusty recesses of our mind grapes.

Introducing a new feature on our blog:  “Metaphysical Vagina!”  It was going to be called “Where We Come From,” but I decided that wasn’t funny enough. Basically, it’s the place where we’ll talk about our influences, be they comedic or musical or just life-living inspiration. I don’t know about you, but I love to hear from where the artists I love get their groove, you know?  What’s the source of such genius????  Well, now you’re gonna know.

Our first subject is the amazing and undeservedly obscure indie-pop goddess Lida Husik.  I just rediscovered her while listening to the library on shuffle.

She’s not a comedy act, she’s pure chill 90s indie-rock vibration.  Her voice is a low purring nasally alto that slides up to a fuzzy, soft mezzo.  Her harmonies are weird and gorgeous; her chord progressions and arrangements take you by surprise; her lyrics are about everything and nothing, but mostly the moments of life in a big city.  I wouldn’t know to whom I could compare her, but RIYL Ride, perhaps?  Charlatan’s UK? Mazzy Star?  I feel like all these groups have their overlap with Lida Husik, but they don’t really share genres… I don’t know.  Maybe you can tell me!  Shoot, Lida does reggae!

I discovered Lida back in the mid-90s (when I was in preschool.  Not really).  The first song of hers I ever heard was called “Dissolve” and in those days I was experimenting with some different mind-altering substances (it WAS preschool!).  “Dissolve” just hit that radiant inner gong in yer gut.  Give it a listen.

And then I found a bulk of her discography on Amazon and paid less than $7 for the used lot of it.  Which now I feel a little guilty about because she’s probably the kind of amazingly talented artist that could use the cash.  How do I know?  Because when I wrote her a fangirl email a few years back addressed to “Lida, or Lida’s people”, she responded:

hi courtney,
my people, ha! i only wish my cats could type for me!
i really enjoyed your comedy on myspace, and i think musically you’d love al duvall have you heard his stuff?
and thanks a lot for kind words about my music, i’m planning on recording some new shit very soon, and have been working with christine shields here in sacramento.
i’m alot better at backing up others than spewing my own songs in front of humans, i’ve decided, but i might do it again if the circumstances are right…like if i’m behind a black curtain with a bag over my head.  just never feel happy up there. but i love to record so i hope to have a full length out on digital and vinyl in the next year or so.
thanks for writing and as my dad always said, keep up the good work!

How awesome is that?!?  It still makes my life.  She’s one of my very favorite artists in the whole world, fer serious.

Anyway, here’s a few You Tube links that only begin to embody the amazing breadth of her work:

There’s a small collection of her songs here on Last FM.

More Metaphysical Vagina! on its way… including, of course, Steve Martin, Tori Amos, our buddies Valley Meadows, Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Lily Thomlin, Amy Sedaris… the list goes on and on.  And probably includes non-artists like ice cream, sexy underwear, and Koosh balls.


One thought on “Metaphysical Vagina!: Lida Husik

  1. I love her music. Husikesque cd and Mad Flavor are my favourite.
    Joyride, Fly Stereophonic and Return of Red Emma are also very good !

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