Sunrise, Sunset, little children, where do they go?

That title comes from an inside joke in my high school drama department, which is probably why it sucks.  Heh.

But what *I* mean by it is… we’ve changed our lineup again!

I built the newest incarnation of this band to be a self-contained thing I could, by my lonesome, take anywhere in the world.  The Dirty Curls songs work without a band, but dammit, the band sounds so goddamn good.  Which is why it’s never easy to lose a member.  From the band, not life.  Though that would feel way worse!!  I’m confusing you!  Let me continue.

Within the last few months, Ray Ray and Cherry Mae have both stepped away from the band to pursue opera and raise a baby, respectively.  I will miss them both like crazy, but I don’t really have to because they’re my friends. And I’m over-the-moon happy for them both; starting a family and knowing that you need to devote more time to the art that feeds your soul are the best reasons for a life change. But I will miss them in the band very much.

That’s not to say that they won’t *ever* play with us again!  We’ll definitely let you know  here if we have a reunion show. (Cherry Mae just did our January 12 gig with Fearless Comedy and might be doing our Jan. 30 at Amsterdam)!

BUT that means we got a couple of new people (who have already been playing with us for the past month!) and I’m so thrilled for you to get to know Lacey and Kevin.

Lacey is a buddy of mine and Anna’s from the theater scene who I had no idea was a drummer!  When I discovered she always wanted to be a Curl, but was too shy to ask, I immediately contacted her.  And now she shakes shakers and tambourines and plays a wicked triangle at the perfect moment.

Kevin and I hosted a trivia show together in 2011 and we just grew to be friends!  He’s a fantastic bassist and I’m really happy to have him on board.  He’s our Dude Pube!

So that’s the update on the Curls lineup, Curlfriends!  Change is good.  Every one of our Curls has given their piece to this project and it wouldn’t be what it is without any one of them.


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