As you may or may not have heard (maybe out-of-staters aren’t up to speed on local Minnesota news; that’s cool), Governor Dayton just signed marriage for EVERYONE into law yesterday.  And a great, big bunch of us are just so happy we finally have caught up to the rest of the progressive states.  I personally hate that we even VOTE on marriage, but as there is the civil side to it, we do and we won.

Last year, I did a house fundraiser for Minnesota United for All Families.  Of course I played “Gay For You,” but I also wrote a little ditty about love and everyone’s right to have who they want in their life to love and sometimes, want to smother with a pillow.  C’mon, you’ve never wanted to make your loved one STFU already?  I mean, that’s what love is all about. Your soulmate will do or say something that is so infuriating you get a flash of homicidal  tendency, but because you love them more than life itself, you get over it. At least, that is my wish for you.  So, the song is about whomever is singing it and how they knew the subject of the song was the One and they just want to have all the same rights to love them like anyone else.   Enjoy!

We are so proud of Minnesota for making marriage available for all its citizens!


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