Show Recaps! Kitty Cat Klub & 331 – June 11 & 12

Why, good morning, Curlfriends!  Is it really before 6AM on a Friday morning?  Yes, yes it is.  Why have I been up for about 2 hours?  I don’t know.  But my throat hurts from singin’ and smokin’ (SHUT UP I KNOW) and I’ve been asleep since 10pm last night, so it’s time for me to rise.  At least till nap time.

SO, on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, we played two of our favorite Twin Cities venues, Kitty Cat Klub & 331 Club, and both shows were a ton of fun.

I love the KCK so much for its atmosphere; lush, tattered velveteen couches in slate blues and pinks (or maybe that’s just the lights), large paintings in baroque frames, an expansive space with plenty of room for chilling or watching music or playing billiards in the back.  But, it being a Tuesday night, the large venue seemed vacuous with only about 20 people in attendance, and most of them sitting outside on such a beautiful night!  But we definitely had some new fans enraptured at the bar and I think the bartender and barback enjoyed the set too.  The door guy bought a CD! I think when the people working the venue enjoy your stuff, when they’ve heard countless of other bands, that’s a great compliment.

At one point, we only had like three people watching us, but the KCK’s sound system is wired through the entire space, so at one point I just asked that people let us know they’re listening.  We got some hearty “woooos” from the other rooms.  OKAY THEN! Let the funny continue.

I missed The Bitterroot Band at the opening (they opened our Cabooze show too!), but caught most of Colleen Myhre‘s set. She’s very different from us, but talented and her songs are lovely. Check her out!

The next night at the 331 Club we played with our brother Hell-billy band, Armstrong Clawhammer.  If you haven’t experienced these guys live, DO IT! They even have a dude tapdancing to their music. He’s not like got a cane and a top hat, but he provides some pretty subtle beats.  But aside from that, AC will rock your face off with their fast country hijinks and ditties about whiskey, smoke, and pussy.  This was our second time performing with them and it won’t be our last!!

The crowd at the 331 was a little bigger. I love 331 because it’s a neighborhood bar with good foot traffic, so we got some unexpected new fans. It’s so fun to watch a person discover The Dirty Curls while we play.  The looks on their faces of “What did she just say?” make my show, every time.  It’s so much fun to shock you guys.  Because by the end of our set, I just don’t think we can anymore.


Armstrong Clawhammer kills it!


Kevin’s totally not planned photobomb.


Steve from AC, Sean, and Tyler from AC


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