OH HAI! I’m just NOW telling you about our residency…

You’d think we’d fallen off the face of the Earth with the last post here being about CONvergence (oh, so long ago…). But, no, alas! We have been chugging along, performing, recording, rehearsing, etc, etc, etc. You know which “etc” I mean.

In case this is the only place you check for Dirty Curls updates, you may not know we’ve been playing a shit-ton of shows in the Twin Cities.

We’ve been ovaries-deep in our residency at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis. Every Tuesday this month we’ve rocked out with some of our favorite bands:

Tree Party, on October 1:


Bethany Larson & The Bee’s Knees, on October 8:

Bethany’s voice is something to aspire to.

The Drug Budget, on October 15:

Boom. I can die now.

Valley Meadows, on October 22:

And they had fucking awesome new songs.

And this Tuesday, October 29, we’re so lucky to be joined by Daphne Lee Martin and her band, all the way from Connecticut! They’re kind of a big deal. I mean, they’ve been on NPR! We’ve never been on NPR! We’re never GOING TO BE on NPR! (Unless you’re talking National Porn Radio.)

AND The Beavers too!

On October 17 at Amsterdam Bar & Hall, Veldie & Court did a duo set sandwiched between two incredible acts:

Cait Leary

and The Gumsmackers!

It’s been a super fun month of shows, obviously.  More updates in more posts! PROMISE.  PROOOOMIIIIIIISE.


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