Court & Zach’s Desperate for Attention Twin Cities TourFest

Hey Curlfriends! It’s Court again.

First off… you saw our new pictures, right? They’re only totally amazingly sexy. CC Photo Arts is the biz-nomb.

So. After our fabulous, packed residency at the 331 Club, we’re taking a very short break from shows to focus on the album (we’re almost done recording!), play a private party (sure, we’ll play yours!), and then we’ll be back for a few shows in December for a very exciting venture that yours truly and Zach Coulter (comedian, Stand Up! Records labelmate, and MC Tom Johnson from our brothers in comedy music, Valley Meadows) are curating.

It’s calledCourt & Zach’s Desperate for Attention Twin Cities TourFest,” and it’s a crazy idea Zach had that I decided was worth stressing out over. And it totally is.

Designed by Andrew Cahak (@andrewcahak); illustration by Court!

Designed by Andrew Cahak (@andrewcahak); illustration by Court!

We’re curating 12 shows in 12 different venues from Dec. 4 – 15 and we’ve invited a shit-ton of our favorite performers like Actual Wolf, Atlantis Quartet, Martin Devaney, Amber Preston, DJ Brian of Hipshaker & Worldwide Discotheque, The Exiles, The Beavers, Peter Pain, With A Gun For A Face, Paul Dickinson, Cole Sarar, Mona from Father You See Queen, Hotelecaster, Andy Erikson, Mike Fotis, and so many, many others.

We’ll also be launching a Kickstarter to raise funds in a short amount of time, so get ready to be bombarded on the social media. Like where? Oh you know, the Curls’ Facebook, our Twitter, our Instagram, our You Tube, Valley Meadows’ Facebook and Twitter and You Tube, Zach’s and my personal Facebook Pages… Heh.

We’ll be giving away great prizes like signed original posters, TourFest VIP passes, grab-bag merch packages with goodies from the featured artists, theme songs, handmade knick-knacks (custom-made Dirty Curls kazoo, anyone?) and much more. Plus, 12 nights of amazing shows!!

Stay tuned for where to find the line-up and more details!