Happy New Nanosecond!

Curlfriends, it’s Court.

New Year’s is probably one of my favorite holidays, just after Thanksgiving, even though it’s a completely arbitrary date to have the Earth’s rotation around the sun “begin” and “end.” But, whatever, it’s a part of my indoctrination of our culture that I’m okay with. 

Becaaaaaause the New Year represents the blank slate and we all go along with this, so there’s a universal subconscious feeling of relief, renewal, and we’re all war pals. Or maybe I’m just looking at our giggle picture while I type this. The weeks-old header to the site that I was just throwing up there in a moment of needing change… that one. The giggle picture! Well, whatever, the New Year makes me feel like we’re all in it together.

So, what’s in store for the Curls this year?  First off, DULUTH we will be IN YOU on January 17 at the Redstar Lounge and January 18 at RT Quinlan’s! Please come on out and give us a listen and a handshake and maybe something more if we let ya. 

I didn’t login to WordPress to write an entry in our blog, actually, I came here to investigate opening up a shop… for MERCH! But, since I’m doing an update, I’ll tell you: we’re going to have merchandise, finally, at long last! And I’m certain it’s going to be beautiful. Sarah Hedlund is going to adapt the cover art she created to make some cool T-shirts and tote bags. We’re probably just going to go with that stuff and some more stickers and buttons – and of course the CD – for now, but I promise you I am not NOT looking at custom-made merkins online.

Speaking of the CD! Oh you know me, I move slow, but we’re moving. We’re still recording some backup vocals and percussion, mix the rest of it, master it, then I think we’re done. Early spring release, hopefully on a comedy-appropriate day. You know the one.

I made a fancy collage for the inside of the CD cover. I wish I could show it to you now, but I want you to buy the CD and see it in there. And touch it. 

The only other thing I can think of at this very moment is that we played the 331 Club again for New Year’s Eve with Rapedoor and The Drug Budget. It was quite possibly the rowdiest show we’ve ever played, and also the most fun. But I think I say “most fun” after every show. 

Okay, Curlfriends, love you mucho. Happy New Year!