Upcoming Shows This Weekend: VALENTINE’S DAY!

Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it, hate it, or don’t give a shit, it just makes sense that it would be a busy weekend for us.  In a couple of ways.  First off, we’re filming our music video for “Hey, Joe Biden!”  Like, the official one, with the official new and beautiful recording behind it. It’s going to be so super sexy. 

Also, seeing as we’re a band that sings about sex and love, we have TWO shows this weekend!  Well, we’re playing sets in two different “game shows.”  

Sextravaganza Slam-Style Pun Contest from Modern Antics

It’s a show where funny people make sex puns! And Courtney & Anna are playing!


First, there’s Sextravaganza! The Sex Pun Slam at Club Underground on Friday, Feb. 14 (V-Day!) at 9pm. 


Anna & Court

Anna & Court! “… on a park bench, under the moon and the stars”

It’s just Courtney & Anna for this show. Doors are at 8pm and the show kicks off at 9pm with us!  Then Anna has to take off, and Court will be doing solo sets between rounds.  It’s sure to be an amazing time.  

Also, Stand Up! Records labelmate and hilarious comedian Chris Maddock is one of the punners.  This is a delicious cherry on top of this Sex Pundae.  SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

Mr. Madoo

This is Chris Maddock. You can already see he’s a comedic genius. See him pun off this Friday at Sextravaganza!

Our other show this weekend is at the Caffetto Dating Game on Feb. 15, starting at 7pm!



Say it fast 3 times


 It’s going to be all the Curls BUT Anna for this one. We’ll be playing sets intermittently throughout the show while people who want some lovin’ in their life play the classic game your parents grew to love. The show starts around 7pm and will go till about 11pm and we’ll be there all night. Come on out! 

Curls No Anna

We’re all faking happiness because Anna’s not in this picture.

These are our LAST SHOWS in the Twin Cities for a while, probably till our CD Release show (Details TBA! Hang tight!).

Hope to see you there and come say hi!  






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