Merch! Album Update!

Hey Curlfriends!

It’s high time you head on over to our Bandcamp because now we’re selling MERCH!  Yeah!  We’ve got some sexy shirts with crew or deep-V necklines, tote bags, and some “merkins!” They’re not actual pubic wigs, they’re undies with “pubes,” but I decorated them myself and I’ve already sold two, so apparently they’re worth it.

Look at how well I accessorize.

Look at how well I accessorize.

And what’s that design on the shirts and totes, you ask?  Why, it’s Sarah Hedlund Illustration‘s cover art for our upcoming album from Stand Up! Records, “This One’s For Dad,” but it’s Courtney’s bastardized tracing of it.  For simplicity. But check out Sarah’s artwork… we are SO. EXCITED.



When the eff is our album coming out anyway?  WELL. This is where we’re at right now:

All the songs are done. Final mixes in the can. However, Steve, our amazing sound engineer (and member of one of our brother bands, Beneath The Crow), kept the tape rolling between takes. And, as a comedy band, we’ve all got fiery senses of humor, so there was a ton of hilarious little snippets of banter.  I am really hoping to include a large handful of this on the record as I think it’s a great insight into our magical kismet as bandmates and is indicative of everyone’s individual personality.  I just hope it’s not only entertaining to us!  So, after that, we get approval from Dan at Stand Up!, then we master that shit, send it back to Dan, print it up.  So close.  I think we’re just a little over two months out, at the most. Yes, it’s fucking exciting.

No official release date yet, but I’m aiming for April 1 or April 20.  Shut up. And then we’ll have CDs and mp3s available too.

Oh, and we just finished filming our video for “Hey, Joe Biden!.”  Update on that coming up tomorrow!


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