Court sings backup on the new Drug Budget album! (updated)

UPDATE! The album, “Disrespect,” is now available on their Bandcamp!

Don’t stop get it get it.

It’s been just over a year since Court went to go see buddy Zach do some time and host The Sauce, a local comedy and music show, at that time housed at Cause Spirits and Soundbar.  Zach jokingly introduced the band that night as The Polyphonic Spree because there’s like 12 people in the band. Well, if you’ve ever seen their shirts, you know everyone’s in the band.


ANYWAY. Fast forward a year and Court’s formed a friendship with a handful of the band members and gets asked to do some backup vocals on a few songs on their upcoming fourth studio album, to be released next week.  We don’t even know what it’s going to be called, but what we do know is that it’s going to BLOW YOUR MIND.  Seriously.  I’m no music expert, but I’ve heard very few bands with the energy, the snark, the intelligence, the sense of humor, mind-bending wordplay, and lush musicality of The Drug Budget. Maybe I don’t get out much. If you’ve seen them live, you can’t not dance your ass off.  Listening to the music at home, once you’re too tired from dancing your ass off, the arrangements surge through your nervous system, and then the lyrics slap you and you’re like FUCK YES, MAN. FUCK THE MAN. FUCK EVERYTHING. Except dancing.  MUST KEEP DANCING.  And then you don’t want to fuck everything because it just feels so good.

ANYWAY. This is the first “single,” Outfukd, on which you can barely eek out McClean’s vibrato from all the layers of all the ladies featured (including Nicole Jean Rode from Rapedoor.  You heard me).  We/I almost want to tell you to listen FIRST and THEN watch the video, because though the video is hilarious and in-the-moment, it doesn’t visually translate the energy of the song.  But that’s my experience, and I want you to get to know and love The Drug Budget in your own way. Enjoy.  Then go back to their bandcamp in a week and buy the album.




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