CURLFRIENDS.  Even more exciting than singing on a Drug Budget album, is singing on my own album with my friends.  We went into the studio last June and a year later, here we are. It feels like such a long undertaking, having been raised in theater and used to starting and finishing a project within a couple of months. But I’ve been reassured ’tis the process for making a great album. Also, The Curls are busy, in-demand people.

But we are where we are and here we are: a month away from releasing our first full-length CD into the folds of time and space. And the party’s on June 7.

Be there, be square, be a bear

Be there, be square, be a bear

Here’s the Facebook invite for those of you that do that stuff (and it’s got all the info… in case you don’t feel like reading a couple more sentences).  And here’s all the info:

June 7, 2014

331 Club,  331 13th Ave NE, MPLS 




Okay, see you there!



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