SUPPORT THIS KICKSTARTER that isn’t ours! (It’s our director, Cristi’s!)

Hey Curlfriends! You have probably enjoyed our most recent music videos, “Hey, Joe Biden!” and/or “When Baby Becomes Legal.” No? Well… keep reading. I’ll put them at the bottom of this page. Or just click on the titles above.

Seriously, you haven’t seen the videos, yet you’re reading our blog?

ANYWAY. Both these videos were directed by Cristi Rumpza at Girls Aren’t Funny Productions. She did an amazing job, so much so that she’s directing a THIRD video of ours, “In Public,” which will be released in the next month or two.

BUT HERE’S WHAT I REALLY WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT: Cristi and her partner-in-crime, Emily Schmidt (who wrote me a part in her 2013 Fringe play “The Education Of Murray Sanderson“), are making a film. It’s a 30-minute short film set against the backdrop of the Cranberry Festival in Stone Lake, Wisconsin.  Here’s the synopsis:

CROSS STITCH is a character-driven dark comedy set at Stone Lake, Wisconsin’s famous annual Cranberry Festival. How far will one woman go to win the festival’s Bake-Off? Can she maintain her reputation in this tiny lakefront town? How many products can be made from cranberries?  

And they’re doing a Kickstarter to raise funds and you should back their project.


Because I, Courtney McLean, have worked with both of these ladies and they are:

– COMMITTED. (not like, in an asylum) These ladies are amazingly dedicated workers; they channel my stoner-flakiness into end-products that have wooed audiences near and far, live and internet.

– FUNNY. Emily’s knack for quick-witted, snappy, and laugh-a-minute dialogue (if I may use ALL the cliches) outpaces many writers with stable writing jobs today. Cristi’s penchant for drawing the most hilarious visuals from words placed in front of her is blatantly apparent in both our most recent music videos, and there are layers and layers of gorgeous, thoughtful hilarity.

– FEMINIST. Both Emily and Cristi take women’s place in comedy and film seriously, but with the healthy helping of FUN that is not missing from recent female-driven comedy projects like “Bridesmaids.” Strong female characters are at the forefront of Emily and Cristi’s endeavors, and Cross Stitch is no different. I hope you will consider backing Emily & Cristi’s Kickstarter. They have 11 days left, and only $3000 of their goal left to go! At this point, every little bit helps, seriously.

Thank you for your support!

PS – these are the videos Cristi has directed for us!


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