FREE SHOW! Ballerween, Y’all! And introducing… MADOO!

What do you get when you take The Dirty Curls, hack ’em up with a little Fuzzy Machete, feed them to some Trendy, Trendy Space Vegans, and allow them to shit all over some Valley Meadows?

Court – what in the hell are you trying to say?


Ballerween 2014

I am STOKED to be playing this show with some of my favorite people in the whole world, including the City Pages’ Best Local Comedian, Mr. Chris “Madoo” “The Ole Mad Dogger” Maddock. No, Madoo isn’t doing standup comedy; he’ll be playing BASS for the Curls!  Tomorrow night will be Madoo, Lacey, and McClean repping the Curls and if last night’s rehearsal was any indication, we’re going to tear you a new one with how fast and furious we’re playing.  I might have to add some songs to the set list.  Hope to see you there tomorrow night! FREE SHOW!    Wear a sexy costume.


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