Curlfriends!  Since I had been so busy with 10,000 Laughs Fest, I kinda lagged on doing a lot of promotion for the Indiegogo for my fall tour, BUT! I still raised almost $1200, which was my baseline goal!!  This will take care of my car issues to get me on the road in the least expensive way possible and hopefully cover my gas for the entire trip. Food and places to sleep? WHO NEEDS ‘EM?  Jk – I got friends all over.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to my funders:

Sarah Lybrand, Joseph Bozic, Green Sea Productions, Jenn Schaal, Rachel Wandrei, Brian Wene, Florence Brammer, Jenn Newman, Rachel Swan, Anonymous, Jodi Steenson, Emily & Art, Robyn Hendrix, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Colin McLean (thanks, bro!), Daniel Elias, adam12780, Tim Caldwell, Anonymous, Sam Veldhouse, trek5200r, ethuiannen, Heather West, Derek Reise, Jonathan Harford, Max Wirsing, Skyler Tamura, heyjennyslater, Anonymous, mjgfoster, Mark Long, Tracy Lee, Mike Fotis, Kate Price Prevot, and Isaac Rysdahl.

Y’all are the bomb; I appreciate your support ten-billion fold.

So, here’s what’s happening now: I’m going on a tour down to New Orleans, where I’ll be performing a couple of times in the Hell Yes Fest. I’ll be making stops and playing the naughtybilly and making the people laugh along the way… and I’m going to film the whole thing, edit it, and create a documentary tour movie for all to enjoy! Of course, my funders will get it first, and will get to see the creation of it as it happens.  Wheeeeeeee!

This is the place to catch all the tour updates (here’s the list of the places I’m playing!)... I’ll see you on the road!!


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