SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! We’re opening for The Dan Band!

Okay, this isn’t *new* information, but it is if you don’t follow our FB or Twitter. Who knows if you’re out there? It takes all kinds.

Anyhoo, we’re opening for The Dan Band at Mill City Nights on Jan. 16, 2015.

Who’s The Dan Band, you ask? (and if you didn’t ask, you pay way better attention than I do)

The Dan Band is the most famous band we’ve ever opened for, so this is most exciting!!  That night, the Curls joining me are Anna and Cherry Mae!!

You can totally get tickets right here!  AND THERE IS A GROUPON!

But I’m blogging about it because there’s a sweet story about how rad people can be.

I met Laura as a co-producer on the 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival (we may have met before, but as you may know, I am horrible at remembering people about 75% of the time). She’s a PR maven; good at her job and knows her shit. Recently, she exuded, “Courtney! You guys need to open for The Dan Band!” And me, being the pop culture luddite I am, said, “Who?” We looked together on her phone, “oh yeah”s and giggles were had. I put The Dan Band on my radar.

A week later, I saw in The City Pages that The Dan Band was coming to town, so I took a picture of the ad and texted it to Laura to say, “Speak of the devil! Look who’s coming to town!” But she texted back, “You have to open for them. I’m going to contact their booker.” And she did. And doors were knocked on and messages were relayed back and forth, and now we have one of our biggest gigs we’ve ever had. I’m just saying that Laura is awesome.

So, yeah. Hope to see you there!


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