Remember when Courtney went on Tour?

Oh Curlfriends!  First off, according to the fancy stats shit here on WordPress, we have a few more of you in the mix, and WELCOME TO YOU is what I say!  I think I have promised to write more blog entries more than any other resolution I have ever made (it’s like the public personality’s version of losing weight or saying “I’m sorry” less or spending more time with the kids). And I am making it again for 2015. More blog entries in 2015.  It’s already Jan. 6 and I’m already writing WAY too much for the hefty task of writing TWO BIG-ASS entries catching you all up to date with Curls happenings and stuff (a tour update, which is this one, and a 2014 recap). We’re redoing our website real soon and The WebMaster said that we shouldn’t worry about a blog, that it’s hard to keep up, and it’s time-consuming. But honestly, I’d just be surfing Facebook and not writing new songs anyway, so I may as well just tell you a story or some shit.

SO I WENT ON TOUR.  I attempted to write some stuff about it.  Here’s the beginning of what I started writing after my Nov. 7 show in Duluth:

Curlfriends!  How’s your world?  So I (Courtney, doy) was in Duluth a mere 26 hours ago, leaving the sleepy seaside town having forgotten about 20+ CDs at The Red Herring Lounge, where I played the night before.  Played, and obviously, did much more. Enough to forget our CDs (which I didn’t realize till I was pulling up into my driveway in St. Paul). But no worries! I got another box for going down south (like, literally, to The South, United States, that’s not a cunnilingus reference) and I’m sure they’ll all sell like hotcakes.

Post-show with Rannah Hey... I MEAN Hannah Rey... *hic*

Post-show with Rannah Hey… I MEAN Hannah Rey… *hic*

Duluth superstar Hannah Rey and I rotated sets till almost bar-close, then I

The show in Duluth was a freakin’ BLAST.  Local songstress with the voice of an angel from sexy hell, Hannah Rey, played in rep with me.  We did three sets each (the last one being some serious drunk self-indulgence)

That’s it. That’s what I wrote about Duluth.  I did post an update on my IndieGoGo page about Kansas City:

WELLLLLLL. It’s been a few days since I’ve written and I’m over halfway through my tour (only 3 more shows)! Lo siento para no escribando.  That was a horrible Spanish translation of “I am sorry for not writing.” 

I see I gave you a good lowdown on Duluth, which is awesome because I hardly remember it now that it’s been over a week.  And I’ll have to do this city by city because I only get 2500 characters per post!


I arrived in Kansas City around 7pmish at my friends’ Jess & Val’s place. They actually live in Overland Park, Kansas, which is a skip and a jump away, but when I got to the place, Val had picked me up a fifth of Jameson and Jess poured me a beer.  

I met Jess & Val through my NYC friend/old co-worker, Carly Comando.  Carly herself is an amazing musician and tours all over with her husband & bandmate, Tom, as Slingshot Dakota.  Carly met Jess when they started working together after Carly moved to Pennsylvania (this is a couple years after I left NYC for MN).  Then Jess & Val moved to Minneapolis, and Carly hooked me up with them, THEN a year or so later, I walked into Pizzeria Lola to get a job WHERE JESS WORKED, and then we started working together.  It’s a triangle of employment, y’all.  (I can say that now, I’ve lived in the South for the past 4 days).   We’ve all worked together, but not all THREE of us together.  Whhhaaaaaat? Anyhoo.  

Jess & Val kindly offered to drive me to the venue so that I could party it up proper.  One thing that makes comedy music easier than stand-up comedy (and there’s a few things, to be sure) is that I can do it pretty well when I’m tipsed.  Well, as long as I know the song.  

(In Duluth, I almost bailed on “Pity Phuck” because I couldn’t remember the chords, but the audience convinced me to just *sing* it while they, surprisingly consistent in rhythm, clapped along. It was pretty fucking awesome)

We walked into the bar and promptly discovered the open mic I was following was not to finish until midnight, which meant I was up *after* that. J & V were fine with it, and I even did a few songs in the open mic and got a couple of people to STAY as a result.  There were probably 20 people there at the fullest, but I had a few that stayed till the bitter end, including this adorable guy named Mark who played the mandolin on “Joe Biden” and “Safe Words” with me.  I could tell he wanted to make out with me, but I just didn’t have the beauty sleep to spare! Next time, Mark, NEXT TIME!  

Kansas City, ladies and gentlemen.  Then I went to Dallas, then to Austin, then to New Orleans, then to Nashville, then to Iowa City, then played a homecoming show in St. Paul.


I feel like giving you a tour update almost two months after the fact is self-indulgent. And honestly, I just want to let myself off the hook.

… and also because I want to see what the tour MOVIE says.  I mean, I HAVE to do that for the IGG backers, so let’s just do that.  My first executive decision of 2015.  No official written tour story, just the movie. So, more time for the important things!

Like writing more blog entries.


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