HIATUS OFFICIALLY OVER! Upcoming Shows! Come out and get your naughtybilly on.

Hi Curlfriends!  We have a handful of shows coming up we’d like ya to know about ! They’re all in the Twin Cities area, but hang tight, out-of-state fans, I’m a-comin’ your way this year… (Midwest, Southwest, Northwest, Rockies West, maybe… I’m lookin’ at y’all).

Saturday May 30 at Mattie’s on Main! FREEEEEE!!!

Matties On Main- May 30

Sunday, May 31 at Bryant Lake Bowl! CHEAP! 


Friday, June 5 at 7:30pm, Courtney does a couple of songs at The Funny!, a brand-new women’s cabaret from Fringe comedy masterminds, Raw Sugar! 


SATURDAY, June 26 at 7pm the full band takes the stage for the Uptown Pride Block Party!!  We’re so excited to play a daytime, all-ages set that’ll go right over the young ones heads (and please let us field any unending lines of innocent questions)! We’re up from 7pm – 7:30pm and this show is TOTALLY FREE!  YAY! You don’t gotta buy this cow!!


AAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDD we have been invited back to Convergence a mere two years after our full-band debut… FRIDAY, JULY 3 at 10pm at HarmCon during Convergence at DoubleTree Bloomington!  We’re psyched and honored to be back, AND we’re bringing Alicia Kay of The Changeups – featuring on guitar and backup vocals! YEAH!


Thanks for tuning in, Curlfriends. Knowing about our upcoming shows is important for your survival and I’ll try my best to get you to know about stuff, but sometimes I’m just coming out of a fog and forget to tell you about FANTASTIC SHOWS like the XTC Tribute we did a week ago. Senses Working Overtime 3 was the second year in a row for me participating in this amazing event. I sung “Generals & Majors,” and I had a freakin’ blast. I promise, next time I will remember to tell you about these things so that you don’t miss outfits like this:




Curlfriends, it’s Lacey’s birthday!!!  Help us celebrate by tweeting at her at @Laceylaceyanne, mkay?

Happy Birthday Lacey 2015

Lacey is the newest Curl, and the newest momma Curl too. Words to describe her: genuine, sexy, sensual, spiritual, sweet, compassionate, gorgeous, funny, easy-going, adventurous, free-spirited. She’s just so freakin’ rad. We’re really lucky to have her, and her boobs, in our band.

(And – OOPS! I forgot to wish Cherry Mae a happy birthday on hers, April 7. GO HERE for a retro-active celebration!) 


Welcome to our first time-traveling post. I’m writing this feverishly on May 27, 2015 and I’m going to hand it over to the internet gods to post it to this blog on April 7, 2015, CHERRY MAE’S BIRTHDAY! (Because I forgot to post that day).

EDIT: Alas, changing the date to the past doesn’t work in WordPress, I guess. Well… better late than never.

We are glad you weren’t aborted, Cherry Mae!

Happy Birthday Cherry Mae

Well, I’m pretty sure she had a great one, so don’t worry.

Words to describe Cherry Mae: empathetic, mischievous, conscientious, fun, gifted, sharp, loving, loyal, and giving. We’re glad she’s back, and we’re glad she never went away.