Meet The Dirty Curls!

“The Twin Cities favorite Naughtybilly band,” said the City Pages in the article that deemed Courtney McClean & The Dirty Curls the Music Artist of the Year in 2014. The same year The Local Current Blog crowned The Curls “Minnesota’s most ribald bluegrass group,” with the release of their full-length debut on Stand Up! Records, “This One’s For Dad.”

Their style of music, dubbed “Naughtybilly” is a side-splitting brew of country, bluegrass, rock, and musical theater. Think “…if Amy Schumer hooked up with Homer and Jethro…” ( or “The Peaches of Bluegrass” (Lucy Michele of Field Trip, said live on stage at Turf Club)

The Dirty Curls’ songs are decidedly explicit; hilariously tackling such themes as anal sex, erotic feelings for cousins, lackluster pillow talk, safe words, and even that weird crush feeling you get when you’re looking at a baby you know is going to grow up to be a really really really really really really good-looking adult. They just wanna make you laugh, make you blush, and make you clap your hands. If you want to fuck to their music, that’s cool too. Andrea Swensson (The Current, City Pages) once gushed: “Deliciously randy, … Irresistible: Ms. McClean has a filthy, filthy mouth, and it makes their music as humorous as it is startling”

Courtney McClean is the main songwriter, lead singer, and banjoist. She performs solo or with any combination of Curls. (Currently, Court’s in L.A. and The Curls are in Minneapolis. At the right price, we can be anywhere together). The Curls are: Anna (vocals, uke, and percussion), Cherry Mae (guitar and vocals), Lacey (percussion and vocals), and Madoo (bass).


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