Meet Anna!


What’s so funny? ONLY EVERYTHING! Photo by CC Photo Arts

Anna is the harmony master. She sings, plays ukulele and a lil’ percussion and writes some dirty ditties.

Besides being a Dirty Curl, Anna moonlights as a journalist  and as an improviser for the Brave New Workshop, Huge Theater, and Comedy Sportz. You can see her Tuesday nights performing with the Brave New Workshop’s Six Ring Circus, and you might recognize her from various MN Fringe shows, where she normally plays dead singing people.

What the heck is a Dirty Curl?  It’s a pube. I didn’t realize that for a really long time.

Who are your comedy influences?  I’m going to focus on the ladies. Specifically: Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Jane Lynch, and of course Lucille Ball. Locally: Lauren Anderson, Ellie Hino, Jill Bernard, pretty much all Twin Cities female improvisers, and any funny lady I’ve ever met ever.

What’s your ideal first date?  I would like to have a first date on a roller coaster where you meet the person as you’re stepping into the coaster cart, then you chat while you’re going up the first hill (I’m picturing this coaster as Wild Thing, obviously), then you get scared together, then you relax, then you get scared again, then you take a funny picture, then you get off the cart and if you like each other then you can go on another coaster but if you hate each other you can run away and embed yourself in the Valley Fair marching band.

Sure, you would do anything for love, but you won’t do that… what IS “that?”       Eat onions. I hate them so much. I just…can’t.


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