The Dirty Curls on “The Alex Aaron Comedy Hour”

Hey Curlfriends! Hope you’ve had a great week and have some hours of relaxation ahead of you. While you kick back, why doncha check us out on the Alex Aaron Comedy Hour… I started it almost 13 minutes in, when we come on.

HAHA. We had a ton of fun improvising that walk-out. I’M SUCH A DIVA, YOU GUYS.  Anyway, the full performance starts here:


Show Announcement! 2-IN-1 VALENTINE’S SHOWS!

Hey Curlfriends! We’re going to be traversing across the Mississippi a couple of times on Friday, Feb. 13th AND Saturday, Feb. 14th for FOUR SHOWS in 2 days! The good news is, it’s the same thing both nights, so your FOMO will be somewhat tempered.

First the full band will be at Amsterdam Bar & Hall for Le Cirque Rouge Burlesque’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” Valentine’s Day Show. Doors at 7pm, Show starts at 8pm. Our set is slated to be around 9:30pm, in case you can’t make it on time. There are TWO links for tickets, one for each night:  Get Friday‘s tickets here. Get Saturday‘s tickets here.

THEN most of us will be heading over to Kieran’s Irish Pub for an 11pm set with Poetry Slam MN’s Erotica Tournament.  Tickets for all nights here.

Both these events have a VERY high sell-out rate, so if you wanna go, GET YER TICKETS! We’d love to see you there.

LCR Valentine 2015 Show

Rest In Paradise, Gus Lynch

The first time I met Gus Lynch, in 2009?, he looked like an over-sized leprechan. I may have been influenced by the fact that he approached me in front of Kieran’s Irish Pub.  He also had a big red beard at the time. And I think he was carrying a pot of gold.

Me and Gus at the Akumal Comedy Festival, 2013

Me and Gus at the Akumal Comedy Festival, 2013

ANYWAY, he asked me about the Rockstar Storyteller open mic we had started a couple months earlier and had just finished for the evening. I don’t remember our exact conversation, but I remember being excited about meeting this new performer who made me feel like I was a part of something great with his warm inquisitiveness about how to become involved.

Gus doing stand-up comedy at Siberia in New Orleans. Gus was a great stand-up comic and actor, as well as a husband and father.

Gus doing stand-up comedy at Siberia in New Orleans. Gus was a great stand-up comic and actor, as well as a husband and father.

We learned that Gus died yesterday. I say “died” and not “passed away,” because I had the pleasure of getting to eventually call Gus Lynch my friend, and I know he would probably just prefer I tell it straight.

He fell off a pyramid in Mexico while vacationing with his family. He broke several bones, punctured a lung, and did not make it through surgery. *EDIT: he did make it through surgery, but died of a cardiac arrest the next day.

Gus Lynch was a huge force. I am not unfamiliar with what that’s like, though I don’t think Gus and I share similar brain chemistries, or if we did, he hid it way better. But Gus was large, physically and meta-physically, and he was loud and he was misunderstood, I think, by me. But he fell off a pyramid. I feel like, for what I know of Gus, that was the way that would sell the most tickets to the great playwright in the sky’s blockbuster movie about Gus Lynch, hilarious, gruff, lovable and tough action star.  He fell off a fucking pyramid. In Mexico.

At this year's 10000 Laughs Festival, at Bedlam Lowertown. Taken right after Gus gave me a rightfully hard time about taking pictures of the shows and not cutting out the empty tables.

At this year’s 10000 Laughs Festival, at Bedlam Lowertown. Taken right after Gus gave me a rightfully hard time about taking pictures of the shows and not cutting out the empty tables.

Gus, there were moments I was scared of you. You were instant business the moment you felt like you weren’t being respected or taken seriously, and due to my past experiences with loud, brash men, you automatically had a one-up on my power, and I was a little fearful of you.  But you always, always respected my boundaries.  (I should make it clear in case this sounds weird: Gus and I were friends, collaborators, and contemporaries. That’s it.)  And you were such a champion of my work. Thank you for believing in me over and over again.

In the days we didn’t know were Gus’ last, he and I had a very short back-and-forth on the ole Facebook. It doesn’t really matter what it was about, but it was a personal turning point for me, oddly enough, in what I felt was standing up for myself and picking battles.  And I felt like it was enough for me to send him a message telling him no matter what our differing opinions, I still love him.  The message was also thanking him for getting me on The Hell Yes Festival in New Orleans… something I had neglected to do till that moment.

I never heard back from him, so he may have died annoyed with me.  But I know it would have been a temporary thing; I am a fiery lady and he’s a fiery dude and I know that he liked, respected, and appreciated that about me, or was learning to, as I was learning to about him.

In New Orleans, with Brittany O. and Adam Quesnell

In New Orleans, with Brittany O. and Adam Quesnell

BUT, a couple weeks before, one of the last times I saw him, we sat next to each other at a Hell Yes show at Siberia in New Orleans, and I don’t even know what we talked about, but I remember having that lovely heart-to-heart friendship connection spark with him, an earnest moment where I didn’t feel the need to have my guard up, which I do around intimidating men, and he was a big ole teddy bear. I am super grateful for experiencing that moment with Gus. We’ve had a lot of really fun times, most especially in Akumal, Mexico for the Akumal Comedy Festival, and Gus has been a champion of mine for years, since the START of the Dirty Curls he’s been a fan, no matter what (even through the 2010 Rape Joke Thing!). Gus has taken care of me comedically and socially and probably even bought me a drink or two.  Ha! That reminds me of the time he asked if I had my Akumal coin (I’ll tell you later), and I didn’t.  An hour later, he whips his out with 3 other comics at the bar, and I had to pay for the round. Sonofabitch.

UPDATE: you can read the story about the Akumal coin here in The Growler’s article about Gus.

Court, Jen, Gus, and Quinn at Akumal, 2013

Court, Jen, Gus, and Quinn at Akumal, 2013

I thought I knew Gus until that moment in New Orleans a few weeks ago. It just felt like a moment of vulnerability that I had never seen in him. We were both drunk or inebriated in some fashion, of course, but you know what inebriates do.  You can’t drive, but you can see much better, at least during part. I really regret not getting to know Gus better, I feel like he would have been one of the people to really push me through this tissue I refuse to break (I’m experiencing a lot of creative resistance right now, ugh, boring).  But perhaps this is what it took. The imagining of the future of our friendship due to his death, because as scary as Gus was to me, and I feel like, based on the testimonies of our mutual friends I love and trust, Gus would have been a little hurt to know that he freaked me out a bit.  But I think he would have put his arm around my shoulder and said something like, “Boy Named Sue,” a cryptic way of telling me that he did it for my own good.

Oh, Gus. You are in the hammock on the beach in the sky, my brother. Party on.

Gus in party form.

Gus in party form. This is a photo of a photo by Scott Brown.

“Open Wide” with Emily Schmidt

This video is about a year and a half old, but things that were funny then are still kinda funny now.  Our buddy Emily Schmidt did a short-lived series called “Open Wide” wherein she interviewed her “famous friends.” This was before Lacey’s time with us and I don’t know where Kevin was. We may not have been able to fit him in the bed. Anna also presents Emily with an amazing, homemade empathy chin-sling made of… well, you’ll just have to watch.

HI-FIVES with Kamikaze Snowmen!

So, we did this AGES ago on our “Crisco Disco” tour (Dec. 27, 2012 to be exact), about which I never finished telling you (it was amazing, okay) with our comedy brothers from Fargo, The Kamikaze Snowmen. They do a fun audience interaction improv bit called “HI FIVES (hastily improvised fan inspired video enhanced songs)” and here’s Anna, Veldie, and Court (though you can only see half of Court) rocking out an impromptu speedo jam about the movie Back To The Future, which Court has clearly seen many times.

Hey, Joe Biden! The video!


The official music video for our first single off our upcoming album “This One’s For Dad” from Stand Up! Records, directed by Cristi Rumpza with Girls Aren’t Funny Productions.

“Hey, Joe Biden!” Video Premieres live TONIGHT

So, I started this post a few weeks ago (it’s Court, btw, doy) and then I got distracted by several things, namely New York City, but who cares, here we are.

As you may know if you follow the FB or the Instagram or the Twitter (I’m not linking any of that shit, just search dirtycurls. Love you, I’m lazy), we filmed the video for “Hey, Joe Biden!” and you may not know we are premiering it LIVE tonight at The Monday Night Comedy Show, at Club Underground underneath Spring Street Tavern.  The whole show starts at 8pm and we’ll be showing the video at some mysterious point (we want you there for the whole show, is that a crime? It’s always a great time at The Monday, you won’t regret it).

But, if you can’t make it tonight, we’re releasing the video online TOMORROW.  Check back here (or at the FB) to see it. And share the FUCK out of it, please!!

You can check out the whole weekend of video shoot pics here, but here’s the highlights:

Cristi directs LIKE A BOSS. Anna takes direction LIKE A BOSS.

Cristi directs LIKE A BOSS. Anna takes direction LIKE A BOSS.

The lady with the camera (you know, the one that’s not Anna), is our new Curlfriend Cristi Rumpza, the brains and brawn behind Girls Aren’t Funny Productions.  I’m sure you can imagine what a nice fit this collaboration is for both of us based on her production company name.  

Cristi designed the video: I pretty much said, “here’s the song, what are your ideas, run with them.” And she did. And it is going to be hilarious, shocking, sweet, and gross.  I can’t wait for you to see it.

Veldie is not really naked... that's just FILM MAGIC!

Veldie is not really naked… that’s just FILM MAGIC!


Kevin is totally sporting his "Dude Pube" necklace... and NOTHING ELSE!  Laaaaadiiiieeeeeees!

Kevin is totally sporting his “Dude Pube” necklace… and NOTHING ELSE! Laaaaadiiiieeeeeees!

Lacey and Anna tame their steeds.

Lacey and Anna tame their steeds.

It only gets weirder from here, you guys.

It only gets weirder from here, you guys.


I am so excited for everyone to see this video.  Cristi just made the song so much funnier with her imagery and editing; and of course, The Curls outdo themselves in improvised hilarity.  Man, WE ARE FUNNY.