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2014 City Pages’ Music Artist of the Year!!!!!

“…if Amy Schumer hooked up with Homer & Jethro… a fun diversion for anyone that wants it lightly raw and out of the ordinary.” – (About “This One’s For Dad”)

“Minnesota’s most ribald bluegrass band” Local Current Blog 

“Irresistible. Ms. McLean … has a filthy, filthy mouth, and it makes their music as humorous as it is startling ” Andrea Swensson, City Pages

Gorgeous harmonies, ruthlessly funny, hilariously foul, yet sweet; how can you not love these ladies?”  – Twin Cities Daily Planet

“You know you want to see your mom tap her foot to a song about McClean’s favorite vibrator” – Nikki Miller, City Pages 

“When [The Dirty Curls] come up on shuffle, I never skip to the next song.”Jay Gabler

“The Peaches of Bluegrass” – Lucy Michele 

“The Twin Cities’ favorite naughtybilly band”The City Pages

Praise for “The Sex (Ed) Show!”

“It’s no surprise The Sex (Ed) Show is selling out its venue… The Dirty Curls really love their audience. They’re not there to shock or repulse anyone. They’re out to sing the praises of sex and sexuality as a healthy and fun part of life… As usual, they succeed in a big and entertaining way with The Sex (Ed) Show. 5 stars; Very Highly Recommended.”Twin Cities Daily Planet

“A slick, tight production of clever songs and substantive stories… good, entertaining theater, just fun with friends.” – Minneapolis Star Tribune

“An angelic choir of mischievous sprites” – Twin Cities Daily Planet

Theater Unbound Fringe Picks 2014: Best Bets for Best Womens’ Roles

“The Sex (Ed) Show” won an Audience Choice Award in the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival, and sold out its entire run.

Praise for “The Love Show!”

“Engaging storytellers and confident singers…a fun show that’s easy to like” – Minneapolis Star Tribune  

“It’s the juxtaposition of lilting melody and lovely voices and a “naughty” subject that makes the comedy work.”Matthew A. Everett (Single White Fringe Geek) Twin Cities Daily Planet

“Beautiful music, three beautiful, funny ladies – can’t miss with this one. Might tend slightly silly/raunchy, but in good ways.”Kate Hoff (Full Frontal Fringe ) Twin Cities Daily Planet

The Love Show got a ‘standing O’ the night I went. It was sweet, charming, a little bawdy… they opened up their hearts and talked about past break-ups and they totally won me over. They’re now my Fringe crushes.” – Josh Carson, State of the Arts blog , MPR News

“The Love Show!” won an Audience Choice Award at the 2012 Minnesota Fringe.

Courtney McLean named #52 of City Pages’ 100 Creatives

Courtney McLean interviewed for KFAI’s “Live From Studio Five” blog