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Happy Birthday Lacey 2015

Lacey is the newest Curl, and the newest momma Curl too. Words to describe her: genuine, sexy, sensual, spiritual, sweet, compassionate, gorgeous, funny, easy-going, adventurous, free-spirited. She’s just so freakin’ rad. We’re really lucky to have her, and her boobs, in our band.

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“The Sex (Ed) Show!” in Duluth: Recap

Probably the cutest picture of Anna, Lacey, and Court EVER!

Probably the cutest picture of Anna, Lacey, and Court EVER!

Word up, Curlfriends! Happy Wednesday morning to you.  This past weekend, Anna and Lacey and I escaped up Nort’ to the Santa Barbara to our Los Angeles: Duluth!  We were invited to perform “The Sex (Ed) Show!” at Teatro Zuccone, as a part of a Minnesota Fringe “Sampler Pack” of shows that stretched out over the Saturdays in January.  Our night was this past Saturday, shared with the always-enchanting Sandbox Theatre in the first hour of the evening.


“New” merch suitcase, banjo, and vagina tip jar. You know.

Lacey & I met at Anna’s house for rehearsal and chatty times and because Anna kindly drove us. If you ever go on a road trip with Anna, you do not have to worry about a thing because girl knows how to trip. She came prepared with a huge bag of delicious donuts from The Baker’s Wife and an equally ginormous bag of pretzels. Lacey had the forethought to the hotel after-party (our Curls’ sleepover) to bring a 12-pack of tasty IPA (Summit True Brit. Yay for Summit employee discount!). I brought my slippers, but forgot them in the trunk on the way up. Oh well.


Actual picture of the 35 North to Duluth! Probably will be an album cover of a live show in Duluth or something.

We arrived at Zuccone just before our tech rehearsal time at 5pm, but of course, things were running a tad behind (as they are wont to do), so Lacey & Anna checked in at the hotel while I decompressed in the dressing room.  Once we got on stage for tech, our board op, the fabulous …. (oh CRAP I can’t remember his name) got us up and running with a quick cue-to-cue (yeah, he rocked it. John? Jason? Tim? Matt? No, not Matt.). This time we had wing space and a backstage crossover, but a much smaller playing space.

Back in the dressing room, we hung with the Sandbox crew: Derek, Amber, Heather, Megan, and Theo (about whom Anna said, “they’re all very nice!”). Colleen, our ambassador from Zeitgeist, took good care of us, delivering our dinners to the dressing room (fancy!), which we had picked out 20 minutes earlier and were on the house. I had a Coconut Curry Rice thing with seared ahi, motherfuckers. It was delicious!!! I would recommend Zeitgeist Arts Cafe next time you’re in Duluth, okay? Dinner and a show. Perfect.

After watching Sandbox perform “Marie-Jeanne Valet, who defeated La Bete of Gevaudan” (Anna & Lacey for the first time!) and a short intermission, we hopefully charmed the pants off a small Duluth crowd. It wasn’t the energy ball that the Fringe run was, but we had fun. I don’t know how, but I totally forgot to take any pictures backstage or of the space or even the scrolling marquee on the outside that displayed “The Sex (Ed) Show!” Wah wah. However, I got tons of pictures of our hotel room and our fun.

gymnastics + sass = GYMSASSTICS

gymnastics + sass = GYMSASSTICS

After the show, a fan I met my first night of tour at The Red Herring (and you’ll probably meet her in the tour movie!) took me on a drive to enjoy a joint and a lovely night view of Duluth from a church parking lot. Then she gave me two bottles of wine to enjoy with the girls! We were stocked and set.


The sexy pool we did not go in.

It took me a while to get back to the hotel room, but by the time I did, the deluxe rollaway bed arrived and Anna and Lacey had cracked open a couple of brewskies. We attempted a game of “Never Have I Ever” and FaceTimed Lacey’s kid Lila and husband John. We ordered a pizza with cheese bread and cinnamon sticks from Pizza Hut and watched what we later realized was JackAss The Movie (I remember falling asleep to Anna vocalizing this realization). And I learned that Anna LOVES JackAss! Which made me open my heart to it and realize it’s just dudes bein’ dudes and that’s cool.


Anna knits a love letter to Johnny What’s-His-Butt from JackAss

We awoke the next morning to be disappointed by The Sheraton’s lack of continental breakfast. Can you even call yourself a hotel without some kind of free breakfast? The staff did give us a free corkscrew, at least.

The view from our hotel room! Yes, it was a gray day, but who cares. Lake Superior is like an ocean!

The view from our hotel room! Yes, it was a gray day, but who cares. Lake Superior is like an ocean!

Until next time, Duluth. We love you!